Welcome Xena and Matten

Xena and Matten are a sympathetic pair of cotton-top tamarins arrived in Lloc de Menorca the July 26, 2012 from the primate rescue center Rainfer.

RAINFER is a sanctuary located in Madrid dedicated to the rescue and recovery of primates and great apes. Founded in 1995 by Guillermo Bustelo has become a national and European reference for conservation of animals is concerned. Animals that live in the center come from decomisaciones, illegal, circuses, donations from individuals unable to attend to, zoos closed their doors and even stray animals. Is also a center of scientific studies done in collaboration with various ethological universities, working with captive breeding programs of endangered species and outreach work, teaching and education, as well as seminars and primatology courses open to anyone who wishes to enroll.

A unique and committed work with little institutional support and non-profit intentions is paramount the constant work of its dedicated staff and volunteers. The facility houses more than twenty species, including lemurs, primates and great apes, dedicating a large group of chimpanzees, making it a unique center.

Therefore, that renowned primatologists like Jane Goodall and Franz de Waal have visited the center in separate occasions.

“Help them” Is the slogan of Rainfer, which aims to raise public awareness of the great problem of detain these animals, conditioning their vital needs, and adding the continuity of the species.