We came out in the newspaper!

News in the section “Economic” Journal Menorca (Direct link by clicking here) La familia Mir Martí lleva diez años al frente del centro zoológico. En la foto, de pié, Tomeu, Nel, Manel y Lluís. Delante, Maria, Carmen y Pam con su hija Malila. El zoo que mima a los animales […]



You can already visit the park from your computer or your mobile phone, thanks to the virtual tour of Menorcatour.com . Share

Fly on Lloc de Menorca

We share the video that made ​​DroneSky you can see the park from the inside and from the air, like a bird flying over it.   Share


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Welcome Xena and Matten

Xena and Matten are a sympathetic pair of cotton-top tamarins arrived in Lloc de Menorca the July 26, 2012 from the primate rescue center Rainfer. RAINFER is a sanctuary located in Madrid dedicated to the rescue and recovery of primates and great apes. Founded in 1995 by Guillermo Bustelo has become […]